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Tackle House Shibuki 186mm 80g

Tackle House

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Casting for tuna

It's in no way an easy mission to accomplish. That's why no excuses are acceptable. The specifications have been perfected for this model with the potential to guarantee your best ever chance of success. "I will... SHIBUKI V186ms" is a lure full of determination.

Shock Absorber (polyurethane) A polyurethane shock absorber is fitted at the rear end of the weight chamber to protect the lure from shock when the weights move and prevent damage to the body due to the G force exerted during casting. In the existing K-TEN SYSTEM, the weight of the weights relative to the strength of the body is controlled within safety margins, but to pursue safety to the very limit, the V186ms has adopted a shock absorber which wasn't needed up to now.
Front Balancer (Pb) The balance weight is extended as far forward as possible.

Nd-Fe-B Magnet Disk

Bullet Type Weight (Fe)

The V186ms K-TEN SYSTEM, which has undergone a dramatic evolution, carries bullet type weights and displays maximum casting distance. During retrieval, the weights are kept in place thanks to the strong magnetic force of 2000 gauss produced by the magnet disk, made of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B). The result is a stable swimming form even during high speed retrieval.
Stabilizer Fin Due to the lure's large size, its swimming form could easily get unbalanced, but the stabilizer fin on the back ensures a very stable performance even during full-speed retrieval.
Rear Balancer (Pb) A rear balance weight---not available for the existing minnow equipped with the K-TEN SYSTEM---has been adopted to seek maximum casting distance and make the most of the few chances that may come up on the day.
3D Laser Cut Wire (stainless steel) The 1.6mm diameter wire (1.3mm for Blue Ocean) inside the body is an essential feature when casting for tuna. It's configured to a strength that provides you with a final chance even in the worst situation where the body of the lure is damaged during the fight.
Reinforced ABS Body The exclusive material used to add power to the body of the V186ms is ABS resin, and the thickness has been set at 1.5mm (1mm for Blue Ocean 175). This ensures maximum strength to counteract the prodigious bite, fight and shock the tuna can produce.
Max Speed 12knot Thanks to the newly designed K-TEN SYSTEM plus and the adoption of a stabilizer fin, the lure can handle both super high-speed retrieval and trolling.
Super Hard Coating The super hard coating is designed to resist the tuna's tough jaws and sharp teeth.
Universal Silhouette Research on the shape of the bait favored by tuna in different regions, has resulted in the creation of this universal silhouette that will be effective both in Japan and elsewhere, as the word 'universal' suggests. The swimming silhouette also recreates the image of "Wob'n roll."
Horizontal Falling The falling posture is designed to be horizontal so that it will present no sense of discomfort to a large and extremely sensitive tuna. The fight begins the moment it enters the water.
Glass Eye Showing due respect to the tuna, the supreme challenge of the casting game, a glass eye has been adopted. It displays the lure's presence even more than the size of its body.